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A visual synopsis of the recession times taken while driving along Route 66 (I-40). 

The American Dream in Foreclosure:

Snapshots in Passing from 'The Mother Road'. 



         I set out headed west on I-40 with my gas guzzling SUV loaded with photography equipment. The economic times were tough and only getting tougher. The unemployment rates had hit an all-time high. My retirement fund had dropped to the Pits of Hades, and was the lowest it had been since I began setting money aside, for my ever-increasing retirement age. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I was hired for a job, even if it was 2000-miles away.  

               By the time I had crossed the Mississippi river, I had had considerable time to contemplate the worsening American recession. After stopping to eat at a roadside diner, I took out my infrared digital camera and began driving towards the sunset with my camera in hand. I was driving across America on I-40, my grandparents had called it, ‘Route 66’ and the ‘Main Street of America’, this is where it had all begun, but it wasn’t what I had expected. I was overwhelmed by a landscape revealing the loss of American industry, and the stark contrast of natures efforts to reclaim what has carelessly slipped through the hands of mankind, I could only wonder what is the future for America. 

Kathryn Reynolds 


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