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  AN american family 

A Simple Life: An in depth look at an American Family 


Intimate moments of truth of a family caught between a slower simpler life and the speeding freeway of the computer age. A documentary portrait project spanning many years in the making.  


           "I am fascinated by the human experience. I believe we all have something to offer the world. People pass by the elderly man at the store and never wonder or care what his life has been like, however I what to know his story.  

Postmodern cultures effect on mankind in many ways has not helped our civilization. The technological advances, and ‘Americanization’ of the entire world is pressing in at every angle across the world. I have traveled to over 40 countries and universally I see the ‘old ways’ being lost and forgotten, as well as the people practicing those old ways. Who is to say that this new faster technological way is better?  

          I have great respect for the people of all the cultures of the world who hold on to the older simpler ways, the people who rebel against postmodern culture, and refuse to let the world change their tried, tested, and proven ways of life.  


           In this documentary project I met with Roscoe and Catherine Sides over a period of five years. I followed them in their daily task and rituals. Roscoe and Catherine are fascinating people who, unlike myself, live the simple life. They do not have a checking account, have never used an ATM card, they don’t own a cell phone, and never go out to eat. The only time they leave the house is to go to the doctor, or to get milk or sugar at the store. Their story is one that might better fit in 100 years ago, because it is the story of a simple life.  

               This project is documentary, as well as autobiographical. Roscoe and Catherine Sides are my maternal grandparents".  

Kathryn Reynolds 


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