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Kathryn Taylor Reynolds, born 1977 in Winston Salem, NC,  is an American Fine Art Photographer and Artist.  

[[File:The Pitts Special. Self-portrait by photographer Kathryn Reynolds..jpg|thumb|From the series: 'Zach: the Father I Never Knew'. A series of self-portraits by Kathryn Reynolds]] 


Kathryn Reynolds photography has received numerous awards across the United States, as well as internationally. Reynolds honors have included, receiving awards at the prestigious 'Lucie Awards', 'The International Photography Associations' Annual Photography Competition.<ref>‘International Photography Associations, ‘IPA Lucie Awards’,</ref> awards from Serbin Communications, 'Best of Photography Competition', <ref>'Best of Photography' Photographers Forum Magazine. 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009. Publisher; Serbin Communications.</ref> as well as being named the 'Amateur Advertising Photographer of the Year', in 2004, by The National Photography Association. <ref></ref>Her photographs have been exhibited in galleries worldwide and her limited edition prints are sought after by collectors.  



Reynolds work uses symbols, often in juxtaposition, to explore beauty, archetypes, paradox, the cycles of life, death, and rebirth.<ref>"Taking risks is a family tradition". Railey, John. 'The Winston Salem Journal'. Retrieved Sunday, November 15, 2009.Updated:  Wed Dec 12, 2012.</ref>She believes we are all on a journey to discover who we are, our deep roots of soul and spirt, as well as what destiny holds for us. Her personal quest for self-exploration, and a deeper understanding of the human condition, is a driving force in her ethereal work.<ref name="forsyth">{{cite journal|last=Peterson|first=Caroline S.|date=April 2009|title=Kathryn Reynolds: Finding Her Past and Her Future Through Photography|journal=Forsyth Woman Magazine|url=|accessdate=28 April 2013}}</ref>Reynolds fine art photographs have become synonymous with her technical expertise, deep knowledge of the use of visual symbols,  and her obsessive attention to the smallest detail.  


Reynolds does all of her photographic styling and production, something quite unusual for most photographers. Kathryn Reynolds often appears as the subject in her photographs, using herself as the model, and avatar, to the greater message she is relaying in her artwork. <ref>Hooker, Sommer. Walnecks Classic Cycle. 'Blame it in Buzz' March 2013.</ref>Likened to [[Cindy Sherman]], Reynolds is also a master of changing her image to relay the deeper story, and message, to the viewer.<ref name="forsyth">{{cite journal|last=Peterson|first=Caroline S.|date=April 2009|title=Kathryn Reynolds: Finding Her Past and Her Future Through Photography|journal=Forsyth Woman Magazine|url=|accessdate=28 April 2013}}</ref> 



Reynolds educational background in, not only photography, but english literature and religious studies, has allowed her to execute complicated photographic tableaux filled with symbolic imagery.<ref>Hooker, Sommer. Walnecks Classic Cycle. 'Blame it in Buzz' March 2013.</ref>Critics such as, the American photographer, Joyce Tenneson, have said, "Reynolds work echoes the poetics of William Blake and Emily Dickinson".  


In addition to her fine art photography, Reynolds has also proven herself in the literary community. She has written numerous technical essays, scripts for television and radio, as well as, acting in television commercials, doing voice over work, and hosting her own television show. 'Teen Life Speaks',  where Reynolds interviewed high-profile political people, and persons 'of note' in the community. 'Teen Life Speaks' was a featured weekly on PBS television in North Carolina. Reynolds carried this talent into the poetic world, where her iambic pentameter poems, were published in national poetry anthologies.<ref>'An American Poetry Anthology'. Western Reading Services. Denver CO. 2002.</ref>  


==Family History== 

Kathryn Taylor Reynolds was born in Winston-Salem, NC. She is the daughter of the American motorcycle legend, Zachary Taylor Reynolds,<ref>"The Tobacco King" Burge, David. Garage Magazine. April 2009.</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=iowahawk: The Cigarette City Flash | |date=1979-09-04 |accessdate=2013-04-28}}</ref><ref>Patrick Reynolds; Tom Shachtman (1989), The Gilded Leaf: Triumph, Tragedy, and Tobacco: Three Generations of the R. J. Reynolds Family and Fortune, Boston: Little, Brown and Co.</ref>grand-daughter of playboy heir, Richard Joshua (Dick) Reynolds II,<ref> Schnakenberg, Heidi.  Kid Carolina: R. J. Reynolds Jr., a Tobacco Fortune, and the Mysterious Death of a Southern Icon.</ref>and great-granddaughter of [[R. J. Reynolds|Richard Joshua Reynolds]], <ref></ref>founder of R.J.R. Tobacco Company.<ref> </ref> <ref>*[]</ref><ref>Gillespie, Michele. Katharine and R.J. Reynolds: Partners of Fortune in the Making of the New South (University of Georgia Press; 2012) 381 pages; dual biography of R.J. and his much younger wife (1880-1924)</ref>   

Kathryn is also the the grand-niece, of the first transcontinental pilot and aviation innovator, Zachary Smith Reynolds. 'Smith' Reynolds was the founder of the Winston Salem, 'Z. Smith Reynolds Airport',<ref></ref> as well as the charitable organization, The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.<ref>*[ The Z Smith Reynolds Foundation]</ref>The late Zachary Smith Reynolds, tragic and historic life, was the basis for two movies, Reckless, starring Jean Harlow, and the popular 1950s classic, Written on the Wind.<ref></ref> 


== References == 

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